At Chain TLD, we have a simple mission which is to make an impact in the global cryptocurrency market by being the centralized holder of crypto TLD’s which are “Top Level Domains”. We want to represent and be the epicenter for emerging BlockChain and Crypto based businesses’. We plan to raise capital to fund an ICO with a solid business foundation of taking over the top level domain, .chain, .blockchain, .crypto and many others.. Top Level domains like .xyz, .cc, .music, .xxx, and others make millions a year through not just domain registrations, but through data, and providing ancillary business offerings. Our approach is quite simple, we control the TLD, we control the registration of Blockchain based businesses, then we control the market. That is why we have we have built the which is like Godaddy or moniker, where people can register domains with a focus on Crypto. The platform works uniquely with other ancillary businesses for advancing the BlockChain and Crypto market and for increasing the worth to our investors and to our coin. ChainsRegistray will allow anyone who purchases a domain name to have access to several services, similar to those you receive when registering a domain on other registries like Godaddy. For example you’ll have access to our billing platform called, which will be billing against our Token we plan to launch in tandem called TLDToken. The user that registers a ChainTLD will have access to bill with our token and Discrete Billing,and will already be connected to our exchange we are calling in order to bill with other currencies outside of TLDToken. After signing in to their domain name, they will be free to build their own website utilizing our website builder we plan to launch, in addition we have our own proprietary ad server and will allow registrants to add packages to their new sites, like ads from as an upgrade option, which will be the name of our ad platform.

All funds raised from our ICO will be utilized towards setting up a nest egg to register and secure the ChainTLD as well as several others. To make buying and selling very easy on our platform, we have already built a prototype website that provides solutions to the problem of raising capitals for small business and large enterprise. We give business owners access to sophisticated tools and techniques listed at a low price, and we provide our investors access to a wide range of domains. As a company, we understand that raising capital through market equity in a traditional way could involve a very rigorous process, such as negotiations with banks, law firms for gain regulatory approvals and devising ways to attract investors. That is why we have created our back to back approach to raising capital which helps us reduce bureaucracy while using blockchain technology to eliminate all forms of errors and get rid of duplications.

What makes our ICO crowd sales standout is that we allow investors and business owners exchange in a transparent and tamper-proof way, there is no intermediary involved in the transaction. While other providers avoid regulations, we know the importance of offering a regulated platform and that is why we are so much committed to working with regulators. We have also underpinned the ChainTLD with the XTC Token which is used as the fuel to transact on our platform. We will be holding a token sale to create a community of token owners and raise the necessary funds that will be utilized towards building up a nest egg to register and secure the ChainTLD as well as several others.

There are a lot of benefits in partaking in the TLDToken sale for our BlockChain TLD. The token sale is the latest innovation in raising capital, although a vast majority of businesses does not require token sale. However, the TLDToken deal will provide a useful capital raising mechanism in the blockchain industry. The XTC Token is used for offer reserve; it also provides a level of guarantee to investors that business owners will remain committed to their investors and helps to protect against fraudulent listings and denial of service attacks. We also offer the XTC Token which is used as currency to transact on our platform. The XTC Token links the business owners to their investors and protects the entire community from spam and fraudulent offers. They can also use the XTC Token to buy additional value-added services.

Our platform is the which can be used by business owners and investors to buy domains, after which they will have access to our billing platform called, which is connected to our exchange platform known as, all this will be done using cryptocurrency through the Blockchain TLD.

  • For the Investor: For investors, our platform will allow them to search, identify and evaluate different domains and invest in them in a simple, safe and cost-effective way.
  • For businesses: will give them access to our billing platform and exchange platform.
  • Finally, our system has also successfully eliminated the role of middlemen like advisors, banks, clearinghouse and all other administrators who make want to cause a hike in the price of our cryptocurrency.

    Over the past few years, a lot of people have discovered that trading with Blockchain is transparent, democratic and very efficient due to the security systems that have been put in place. However, at present, there has been an increase in profile security hacks by internet hackers which has negatively affected the Blockchain industry and the Cryptocurrency at large.

    As a company trading in cryptocurrency, ChainTLD understands that all blockchain companies must invest in technology that can help in delivering a more secure security solution. We have also realized that a lot of blockchain security attacks that have taken place in the past were as a result of the company’s failure to implement basic security principles and that is why we do not joke with the security of our client's details on our platform.

    We treat as very important the security of our platform which is the, a platform where people can register domains, but focusing on Crypto. We have also have worked so hard to create an open, supportive and excellent security culture for all our employees.

    We ensure that when an investor or individual purchases a domain from our registry, hackers do not have to your domain or information. We are also continuously seeking out new ways of building tight security around our platform.

    1. Security Workshop: We take delight in regularly hosting security seminars and workshop for our staffs to raise awareness and drive innovations on security.

    2. Secure business support processes: We ensure that our business support processes such as our registry, our billing platform, and our exchange platform are secured at all time. Our security team works so hard to ensure that all security requirements are correctly put in place.

    3. Third-party consultants: From time to time, we employ the services of third-party security consultant and management services firms to help us enhance the scale and depth of our internal security team.

    4. Defence in- depth principle: We also make use of the defense in depth principle to ensure that our platforms are secured to meet and exceed our prospective client's expectations.

    5. Relationships with security research firms: On a continuous basis, we are always striving to build excellent relationships with security research firms. We work with this team of experts to go through our platform and let us know when our domain becomes vulnerable to hackers.

    6. We give room for continuous learning: As a company, we take delight in learning new ways of updating our security platform, we know that security hackers are very innovative. Therefore we are never relaxed, we encourage our staffs to learn new things and report all breach of security contracts.

    Finally, we carefully track locations and status of all our security equipment. We also ensure that our clients and investors personal information are not stored in the chain, this is to ensure that the transaction can be processed using a public blockchain infrastructure. We have a team of professional; security experts that have been appropriately trained to manage the overall security risk of our platforms.

    When one considers the complexities of making a physical dollar bill, it’s easy to see why most persons don’t start trying to print a new type of currency every day but with digital coins, they are surprisingly easy to make even if you have got only basic coding skills. However, creating a digital currency and making a profit off your effort is a lot more than having coding skills. You will need to have a marketing plan in place, a website, miners recruited and even have a mobile application. This is a lot of work, even though not as tedious as trying to print a physical currency.

    This is why we have decided to build a platform which sees to all you need to create and monetize your cryptocurrency. Our domain is, and it’s a platform similar to GoDaddy; while GoDaddy is a platform for registering and purchasing web domain names, is a platform for registering and purchasing cryptocurrencies. We saw the need for a platform analogous to GoDaddy but designed for cryptocurrency creators when we considered all the factors that had to be considered in the creation of cryptocurrency. We decided to make the process much easier.

    At, you can register your domain name and purchase one too if you are interested. Upon registering your domain, you can place the purchase price of your domain and include the technology behind its operation so potential buyers can know exactly what they intend to purchase. Also upon registering your domain, you automatically get connected to our exchange which allows you bill for crypto tokens.

    Marketing is another essential aspect of monetizing your cryptocurrency technology, and this is why we have an affiliate site from which you can build ads to market your cryptocurrency. These ads can be used on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the likes. It’s very easy to work through and you have the option of choosing from the range of ad formats which we have. In addition, you also have the opportunity to design a website where you can market every aspect of your cryptocurrency technology. You can even get your web design done from our sister company Media Reps. Whichever you decide to go with, you can rest knowing you are getting a website designed to market cryptocurrency technologies.

    We believe in the power of direct and personalized contact. Therefore, while we realize the importance of a website for every cryptocurrency technology, we also believe in in the efficacy of having an email marketing plan in place. With an email marketing plan, you can contact prospective investors directly, allowing you market your business directly and gain their trust; a relevant commodity in the business of cryptocurrency technology. Our built-in email and data management services are from

    One other critical aspect of growing a cryptocurrency technology is getting miners interested in your coin, so they begin mining it. To make the process of mining easy, we have developed a mining application designed for mobile and web use. is our mining site, and while focused on mobile mining, we also have mobile browser applications which we will be plugging mining into as well.

    There are several other things to consider when creating a cryptocurrency. You have to know whether it is fraud proof and because we have blockchain technology as our underlying technology, the chances of fraud on our platform is none. Also, our platform is easy to access and use which provides extra security for your investments and there are are no third-parties involved in making transactions, and this is another benefit which we provide.

    It’s important you have your cryptocurrency technology hosted on a site which you not only trust but know they will see to all your needs. is a platform which hosts ChainTLD, BlockChainTLD, and CryptoTLD so you can rest knowing you have your coins hosted by a reputable company.

    Technology is changing the way we do everything, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies, it has changed the way we pay for goods and services. Gradually, we are making a shift from a paper to a paperless economy and the markets are blown off by it.

    What is a cryptocurrency? Put simply; a cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange for digital information. Just like we use normal currencies in trade, cryptocurrency is used in obtaining digital data. The idea behind its invention is the security and reliability which comes from the method of cryptography used in its development.

    Today, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available and new ones are coming into the market at an astronomical rate. Some of them are great and backed by wonderful technologies, most popular among which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. However, a lot of coins have no novel technologies in their design, poorly managed and overall, no better than Ponzi Schemes. Therefore, all stakeholders involved in the development of cryptocurrencies have to be at their best.

    At, we have taken our time to create a platform for the registration of legitimate cryptocurrencies. Similar to how platforms like GoDaddy works, cryptocurrency creators can register their cryptocurrency on our site while they wait for investors or outright buyers of their cryptocurrency. has cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain TLD, Crypto TLD, and Chain TLD, all of which are standards for those interested in working with the cryptocurrency technology.

    We believe that our duty extends beyond providing you with this platform, we seek to guide you to ensure you can monetize your cryptocurrency so in this blog we will be taking a look, at tips in creating your cryptocurrency.


    Everybody is on the ready-set-go mode to designing new cryptocurrencies, therefore, you need to define the benefits of your currency to the end user so you can make a mark in an already crowded marketplace.


    It’s wrong to expect people to accept your cryptocurrency as soon as you launch it so you should focus on finding pain points of the community, find use cases, and reasons for your currency to exist. Then you can go into the coding part.


    You can bring your cryptocurrency to life either with the help of other persons or if you are technically inclined, code it yourself. If you choose to go with self-coding, you should determine the choice of coding language on time and stick with it.


    Rather than explaining the idea behind your cryptocurrency technology, you should create a prototype first for approval. This will help you maintain the clarity of your concept and get people on board.


    You should examine your cryptocurrency to determine any loopholes and downfall it may have. Place yourself in the position of a hacker and find all the vulnerabilities which it may have.


    There’s no reason to stress over trying to build the perfect product so you should keep working on your product at the right pace so you can deliver the most workable version and get it done as soon as possible. Changes are a part of the development process, and you can work on them later too.


    As soon as you get your product done, you should recruit miners. Instead of overselling your cryptocurrency, build trust, express your vision and share your intentions with them. This way you get them an honest understanding of your idea, so they stick with you in the long run.


    Do this at the end of your cryptocurrency development. Start with the idea of finding investors when they are not sure of the uniqueness of their product. Avoid beginning with this and stick with the execution first.

    Crypto currencies were born out of blockchain technically, however, the disruptive currencies are actually born out of frustration with the financial system. The creator itself was the one that wanted to remain anonymous, for multiple reasons beyond legal, but in order to not be vilified.

    Disrupting financial markets was not the goal, but to create a shared open distopic currency.